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Scientific texts are a key gateway to the study of the advanced topics critical to technological growth. Today, most Arab students are introduced to the importance of exploring scientific and technical advances through methodological reading and studying basic scientific concepts. However, major issues relating to the sustainability and development of Qatar, such as climate change, water security, desertification, space exploration, renewable energy and food security, remain poorly understood.

To address the deficiency, the Library established the Science Book Forum, a science reading initiative to attract more young readers to science books. We will achieve this objective through the production of short videos that introduce specific sets of books on scientific questions of relevance to the Arab reader. Additionally, we will hold public forums to discuss influential books on milestone topics in science and address scientific misconceptions. Finally, we will host monthly follow-ups so young readers can meet scientists and authors.
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Through these activities, we will:  

  • Encourage the next generation of learners (ages 12 – 25) to pursue science and engineering studies by fostering their scientific curiosity and critical thinking skills
  • Build a digital platform—with a strong social media presence—to promote science books to young readers
  • Host public discussions about scientific issues and books that have had a significant impact on human development and intellectual evolution 
  • Establish the Library as the first Arab library with a science forum to help spread Arab science literature regionally and internationally

Dr. Issam Heggy, a planetary scientist at the Viterbi School of Engineering at the University of Southern California and a ROSETTA co-investigator at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Jet Propulsion Laboratory, will moderate nine science book forums. These will ignite curiosity among participants and guide them to specific books and readings that can improve their scientific and technical skills. 

Upcoming forums for the academic year 2018-2019

Date Topic Moderator & Guests
October 2018 Science Forums as a Motor for Peace Dr. Essam Heggy and Dr. Richard O'Kennedy, Qatar Foundation Vice President for Research
November 2018 Landing on Mars: Why and How Dr. Essam Heggy and a member of the Insight Mission
December 2018 How climate change shaped Qatar and the MENA history? Dr. Essam Heggy, Amrouni and Basti
January 2019 How do we capture and create solar Energy? Dr. Essam Heggy and Vermeersch
February 2019 Where does Qatar Get its water from? Dr. Essam Heggy, Al-Sulaiti and Shomar
March 2019 Why do we observe earth from Space? Dr. Essam Heggy, Evans & Wolfenbarger


Science Forum associated books:

Date Book Title (Springer) and Authors
October 2018
  1. Richmond, Oliver P., Mitchell, Audra. Hybrid Forms of Peace: From Everyday Agency to Post-Liberalism
  2. Vesilind, P. Aarne. Engineering Peace and Justice: The Responsibility of Engineers to Society
November 2018
  1. Forget, François, Costard, François, Lognonné, Philippe. Planet Mars
  2. Carroll, Michael. The Seventh Landing
December 2018
  1. Gremm, J., Barth, J., Fietkiewicz, K.J., Stock, W.G. Transitioning Towards a Knowledge Society: Qatar as a Case Study
  2. Edgell, H. Stewart. Arabian Deserts
January 2019
  1. Bauer, G. H. Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conversion 
  2. Yen & Sopian. Renewable Energy in Developing Countries
February 2019
  1. Cipollina, Andrea, Micale, Giorgio, Rizzuti, Lucio. Seawater Desalination
  2. Palenzuela, P., Alarcón-Padilla, D., Zaragoza, G. Concentrating Solar Power and Desalination Plants  
March 2019
  1. Massom, Robert, Lubin, Dan. Polar Remote Sensing
  2. Lakshmi, Venkat. Remote Sensing of Hydrological Extremes

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