Library Reopening FAQs


Access at the library

Where can I visit in the Library?

The Main Plaza, computer stations and individual study carrels will be open. All access to shelving tiers will be closed. No access will be provided to patrons to any bookshelves and all entrances to the tiers will be closed.

Who is allowed to enter the Library?

Only visitors (whether members or non-members) ages 13 to 60 will be allowed access to the Library.

When can I access the Library?

Visitors will be required to book timeslots through our website to visit the Library. Booking can be done only through the designated form. Two slots only will be provided per day, Sunday through Thursday, with each slot available for two hours: 9:00 to 11:00 AM and 12:00 to 2:00 PM. The Library will be closed on weekends.

When will the Library be cleaned?

After each slot, the Library will be evacuated through a PA announcement and one hour11:00 AM to 12:00 PM and 2:00 to 3:00 PMwill be allocated for essential service cleaning of the areas open to the public before opening for the next slot.

How many people can enter the Library at once?

Each slot will be limited to 100 people for the time being and will be increased to 200 people in the future.

Can I register to become a member at the Library building?

Membership registration will continue online only. Users should also book a visit (through our website) to pick up their membership card from the User Services Desk at the Library.

Are bus and valet services available?

Bus and valet services will not be available until further notice.

Where can I park?

Both the public parking lot by the Heritage Library entrance and the staff parking lot by the main entrance will be open to the public. You may also park in the Ceremonial Court lot and walk to the Library.

Are food and drink available at the Library?

The restaurant and café are closed; only the vending machines in the Quiet Study Area will be available.

Will the prayer room be open?

No, the prayer room will be closed until further notice.

Services available at the Library

What items can I borrow from the Library?

Only books can be borrowed for the time being. No borrowing of DVDs, CDs, iPads, headphones, chargers, etc. will be permitted.

How do I check out items?

Members must submit a request for books on their timeslot form at least two working days before visiting the Library. Pre-packaged books will be prepared by Library staff for pick-up. Items may be borrowed only through self-checkout stations. Members should bring their membership card and have a Library visit booking when they come to pick up the books they requested.

How do I return books?

Book return stations inside the Library building will be closed, with bins provided at the Library’s main entrance for returning books. Patrons can also use the drive-thru book return station outside the Library 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Can I still access research and information services?

These services will continue online and will be available from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM from Sunday to Thursday. Please connect with our librarians to ask questions or to set up an appointment for virtual research assistance.

Limiting the number of users at the Library

Is there guidance on how to calculate the maximum number of users?

Yes, one adult per four square meters.

Is there a means of measuring and controlling this number?

There will be dedicated staff members who will monitor this. 

Are there restrictions on groups?

Formal and informal gatherings will be restricted to five (5) people.

Limiting concentrations of users in the Library

Will there be a risk of groups forming? And how is it possible to limit this?

Seating areas will be limited, as will workstations. Staff members will monitor this. Gatherings will be restricted to five (5) people.

Where users may need to stay for extended periods, how is it possible to maintain distance?

Time limits will be placed on the duration of the use of workstations/computers and patrons will need a separate booking for each period at the Library. 

Ensuring hygiene

Is there adequate access to hygiene products (sanitizer, cleaning fluids) and equipment (masks, screens and gloves, where appropriate)?

The Library will be fully equipped with what is required for hygiene practices as advised by the government.

Safe handling of materials

Will books be cleaned/disinfected?

Any books received from the public will be kept under isolation for five days before recirculating.

Controlling coronavirus

What happens if someone at the building displays coronavirus symptoms?

If a staff member, patron, visitor, contractor or support partner develops flu-like symptoms and becomes unwell in the workplace with a suspected COVID-19 infection, he/she will be moved to the isolation room in the basement near the loading dock. The individual should avoid touching people, surfaces and objects, and should cover his/her mouth and nose with a disposable tissue when he/she coughs or sneezes, put the tissue in a bag or pocket, then throw the tissue in a bin. QF Emergency Services (4454 0999) will be called and informed about the emergency to take further action.