Early Literacy Playing

Playing can be a good opportunity for children to learn at the same time. When the correct activities are incorporated during playtime, children can develop in many areas including language and literacy, apart from gross motor skills. Here are some activities that help to develop early literacy through play:

  • When reading to your child, use props around the house to tell the story better. For example, if the story has a magician, use a small stick or pencil as a magic wand. Get your child to wave the "wand" at appropriate parts of the story. If available, use a puppet to make the story come alive.
  • Make simple creations with your child based on objects and things found in a story. For example, use clay or plastic straws to create a mini tree after telling a story about a garden.
  • If your child has a favorite book or story, dramatize the story instead of telling the story again from the book. Get your child involved in acting out the story.

Here are some picture books which have elements of play:

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