Past Events

The February 2020 Science Book Forum probed the origin and impact of natural disasters such as volcanos, earthquakes, tsunamis and floods, which affect the lives of millions of people...more


Students, researchers and science enthusiasts attending the January 2020 session of the Science Book Forum learned about the skills, education, expertise and training required of astronauts before they can be part of mankind’s incredible voyage into space... more

The Science Book Forum on 30 September 2019 focused on the multifaceted topic of evolution, including the public perceptions of evolution and several common misconceptions of the sometimes controversial topic...More

Dr. Alessandro Frigeri from the National Institute for Astrophysics in Rome shared his expertise on how we map celestial bodies such as comets, asteroids and Saturn’s moons... More

The October 2019 Science Book Forum took a closer look at the significance of the Earth’s ice caps to Qatar and its people...More

In this forum, Dr. Nicholas Middleton, School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford, explored the unique phenomena...More

This session of the Science Book Forum dived into the fascinating world of renewable energies...More 

A special session of the Science Book Forum took place on 18 April 2019... More

More than 250 science enthusiasts came together on 26 January to explore how extreme weather phenomena have shaped Qatar’s geographical evolution and cultural identity ... More

Participants in this event took advantage of a rare opportunity to watch LIVE streaming at the Library of the Insight Landing on Mars from NASA Mission Operation...More