Explore the Children's Library

In-library ticketing system for the Children's Library!

We're very happy to see all the children and their families visit our Library. For our visitor’s safety, an in-library ticketing system will be used in the Children's Library on weekends and during school holidays to control capacity on a first-come, first-served basis. The free tickets will be issued every hour until closing time (6:30 PM); please check our home page for any updates about the Library's opening hours. When the Children's Library reaches full capacity, visitors will be asked to wait outside the Children’s Library.

Looking forward to welcoming you! 



Children and their parents, caregivers and teachers, are invited to enjoy exploring and learning in the Children’s and Young Adults’ Library. We provide an inspirational learning space for children to not only fall in love with reading but also to explore their curiosity by engaging with the Library’s space and collections.

The Children's Library offers the following:

  • A collection of more than 100,000 children’s books
  • Ebooks and electronic educational games available through our online resources
  • Educational toys that develop the children's sensorimotor skills by getting them involved in fun activities

The Library hosts numerous activities for children and their families, such as:


  • Interactive story time
  • Creative workshops
  • Early literacy programs
  • Book discussions
  • Science, arts, literature and theater programs
  • Workshops for parents, educators and caretakers on child development and learning, and much more
  • Programs and activities for children with special needs conducted by experts and specialists

Most importantly, our librarians are dedicated to serving the needs of children and their families by being available to answer any questions related to the collection and other Library resources. Our team is always ready to help you can the most of your visit.

The Library also has an excellent collection of resources for parents, caregivers and educators dealing with various aspects of childcare. Click here to view our "Children and Families Services" brochure