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A world full of adventure, fantasy, history, tech and science awaits when you sign up for free membership at one of the world’s most magnificent libraries!

As a member of Qatar National Library, you will have access to over a million books, magazines, newspapers and periodicals – for both children and adults – in 16 different languages. The history of Qatar and the Middle East will be at your fingertips in our Heritage Library, while our Innovation Stations offer members access to photographic equipment, 3-D printing, design software, and a music studio. For students we have silent spaces for studying, and public computers and wi-fi available to everyone.

And all this for free!

To become a member, simply get your Qatar ID card and click on one of the links below.

Why be a member?

QNL is more than just a collection of books; we are a community that offers a range of free services to every one of our members. From recording your own music, to offering study advice, to providing a sensory room for children with special needs, we provide a space for all. 

Come and explore the library for yourself or read the list below to see what you’re missing out on.

  • Borrowing rights for more than one million books in 15 languages
  • Children’s Library with books, educational toys and games 
  • Young adults’ collection with books, magazines and curriculum-related materials
  • Access to rare manuscripts, maps of Qatar and historical photographs and artifacts
  • Ebooks, audiobooks, and online magazines, journals, videos and music 
  • DVDs and CDs 
  • 3D printers 
  • Photography and video equipment 
  • Musical instruments 
  • Design software 
  • Laptops and iPads 
  • Gaming stations 
  • Periodicals and journals
  • In-house and remote access to research and academic databases 
  • Rare historical documents on Qatar and the region through the Qatar Digital Library ( 
  • Books and articles from other libraries through our Interlending and Document Supply Service
  • Self-checkout and book return stations 
  • Access to a sensory room featuring a range of stimuli for children with special needs
  • Assistive technologies for people with disabilities
  • Heritage Library exhibitions 
  • Public events, exhibitions, lectures and workshops 
  • Reading and study spaces 
  • Individual and group study rooms 
  • Help from our librarians online and face-to-face 
  • Restaurant and café 
  • Facilities accessible for people with disabilities 
  • Public and group tours
  • Public computers
  • Printers and photocopiers 
  • Free Wi-Fi 


Corporate/institutional membership

Why not encourage your place of work to join, allowing you and your colleagues the chance to read the latest novel or access the latest information about your area of business?

Any company, school or institution in Qatar can apply for corporate membership, which allows the institution to borrow up to 20 print books for 21 days, with two renewals, giving you all plenty of time to read the latest novel and discuss it during your morning coffee break. Just complete the Institutional Membership Form, and email it to our User Services department at [email protected]. If you're looking for access to our e-resources for your school or institution, please write to our electronic resources team. 


Membership and your account


As a member of one of Qatar’s top public institutions, we ask that all our patrons follow certain rules to ensure we can offer you the best service possible.

  • Accept full responsibility for all activities and transactions relating to your card
  • Report the loss of your membership card immediately to the library
  • Failure to report the loss of a membership card does not relieve you of responsibility for transactions on the card
  • Return all materials borrowed by the due date
  • Prompt payment of all charges and fees, if applicable
  • Keep our materials safe—it is strictly prohibited to damage or deliberately retain any library property
  • Act immediately upon receiving recall and overdue notices. Members are blocked from borrowing any new materials until overdue items are returned, renewed, or replacement costs are assessed, and fines are paid
  • Your membership to the library is subject to the terms and conditions available for viewing here.

To manage your account, check when books are due back, renew items, or look for any items you have requested, simply visit your account at the login page and enter your Library Card Number or Qatar ID and PIN number as requested.

Want to change your PIN?

  • Choose “Modify PIN" on the left sidebar menu, below your account details.
  • In the pop-up window, enter your old PIN once. Then enter a new PIN twice in the text boxes provided.
  • The PIN must be at least four characters long and should contain a mix of letters and numerical characters.
  • Click the ‘Submit’ button.
  • You will see a screen that says: “Your PIN has been modified.” This verifies that you have successfully changed your PIN, and you can close the window.

Forgot Your PIN?

  • Please click here, enter your Library Card Number/Qatar ID and follow instructions to reset your PIN.


Membership renewal and lost cards



Your membership expires at the same time as your QID or Residency Permit. To continue enjoying the free services and facilities the Library offers, simply renew your membership here as soon as you get your new QID or RP.

Lost membership cards

Please let us know as soon as you realize you’ve lost your card, as you will be responsible for anything borrowed on it. To get a replacement contact our User Services team at [email protected] or by calling +974 44540100. 

There will be a 50 QAR charge for replacement cards.

Please note that your membership and card are non-transferable. Books or other materials cannot be checked out on someone else’s behalf except under special circumstances and with written permission of the Library.


Contact the User Services Team


For any questions or help with a library issue, you can contact our User Services team at: 

Tel:     +974 4454 0100
Email: [email protected]