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With more than one million print books in our collections, along with hundreds of thousands of ebooks, it can be hard to figure out where to begin. In this section, we’ll regularly take a deeper dive into the Library’s collections to learn a bit more, including exploring history through the items in our Heritage Library. We’ll also feature other topics that explore various aspects of our Library. All of the items linked in the posts are either available for members to check out or viewable online. Enjoy!

The Library’s Creative Writing Circle was established three years ago for aspiring writers to meet. The group continues to grow with a culture of mentoring, collaborating, and welcoming new writers of any level of experience. Fittingly for the third anniversary of the program, the Creative Writing Circle recently took on a particular poetic form that has at its center the number ‘three’, and is known as a ‘Tricube’. 

Many parents face challenges with their children during the summer vacation. Some children waste their time without achieving certain goals through random gaming, chatting aimlessly with friends, sitting idle watching screens for long periods and having irregular sleeping patterns. As summer is in full swing, parents need more creative ideas for a fun and meaningful summer vacation with their children.

All play by children is purposeful and not idle. Play drives learning, and hands-on activities give meaning to play. Parents usually want to serve an active part in the growth of their pre-school children through play, but are unsure of its benefits, their role, their level of involvement and how to proceed. In this post, you’ll find a few of the many benefits of play and a few simple examples of play. One piece of advice remains constant through it all, though: don’t be afraid of the mess. 

Play is activity-based at its core and full of advantages, such as: 

Have you decided yet which college or university you’ll go to next year? Though many students believe that looking for the right institution or course can be exhausting, it’s never too early to start thinking about the next steps, particularly if you’re thinking about studying overseas. There are many considerations that a student must take into account in order to become successful with their university plans. With the pandemic going on, a face-to-face college fair is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

Each month in 2021, we’ll highlight an Arab-American person or topic of interest, to mark the Qatar-US Year of Culture 2021. Keep an eye on our blog, as well as on the Library’s Events page, to learn more about our celebration of this rich and historical relationship.

Ramadan is a time for reflection about Islam and what it means to be Muslim. Though some answers can only be found from within, you can enhance your understanding of Islam, its history and its practices through the Library’s online collection of ebooks and audiobooks. We have numerous items in both Arabic and English that can help you on your journey this Ramadan, which you can access through the Online Resources page on our website.

Some of our top recommendations are:

On 2 April every year, the world come together to raise awareness about Autism and to help improve the quality of life of those with Autism. As Qatar National Library aims to be one of the world's preeminent centers of learning, it fosters an inclusive learning environment that caters to diverse groups of people. People with Autism are one of these vital groups who we value and support through our Library services, events, and programs.

The history of mankind has witnessed many outbreaks of plagues, epidemics and pandemics.

On March 14, we wish a happy 142nd birthday to Albert Einstein (1879 – 1955), one of the most famous physicists and scientists in history. Born in Germany, Einstein showed an incredible aptitude for math and physics at a young age, and taught himself calculus at age 12. But after completing university, he was unable to find a teaching position, and instead took a post as a patent examiner in Switzerland.