Public Computers

computer services

There are designated areas within the library where users can find public computers, printers and scanners to use, free of charge for library members. These computers are available:

  • On the first level next to the Café
  • On the second level on the bridge
  • Between the bookshelves
  • In the Computer Labs, when they are not in use for library training

With these computers, users have access to:

  • The internet
  • Basic and advanced software for work or research
  • A large number of online resources

QNL also provides a wide selection of activities and training programs within the public computing space in the library for all users of all backgrounds and skill levels. Frequency, timings and dates vary, so follow the library’s Events page for updates.

Training, Workshops, and Tech Talks:

  • Beginner and Advanced Excel
  • Beginner and Advanced Visio
  • Mobile Applications
  • Computer help drop-in and one-on-one consultations
  • Internet Safety
  • Social Media