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Heritage Library's Permanent Exhibition
Heritage Library Exhibition Area
We cordially invite you to visit our Heritage Library's permanent exhibition.
Syria Under the French Mandate (1918-1946) Exhibition
Temporary Exhibition Area (on the bridge)
Syria Under the French Mandate, a Library exhibition in partnership with the Museum of Islamic Art, focuses on Syria from 1918 – 1946, a time when France fulfilled the role of a controlling power in the area.
Healthcare in Qatar: Development and Milestones Over 70 Years Exhibition
Main Plaza
This exhibition will give you the opportunity to understand the history of healthcare in Qatar, from traditional medicine and early hospitals of the late 1940s through subsequent stages of developing healthcare institutions equipped with modern facilities reaching the highest global standards. You can trace the growth of medical care in the country from traditional remedies to today's high-tech hospitals and clinics.
Apps for Dyslexia (English)
Assistive Technology Room
Join us in this hands-on demonstration of mobile apps for individuals with dyslexia, parents of dyslexics and people working with dyslexics.
How to Search and Locate Library Resources (English)
Computer Lab
Through a series of hands-on activities, you'll learn about the Library's wide range of collections and information sources, as well as how to use the catalog to help you search more efficiently.
Festivals Around the World
Young Adults Area
Festivals are an important part of cultures and religions everywhere. Come learn about festivals around the world and discover what they represent and who celebrates them.
Weekly Knitting and Crochet Circle
Main Plaza
Join this casual gathering of knitters and crocheters every Thursday from 9:00 – 11:00 AM to work on projects and share skills in a friendly atmosphere. Participants are welcome to bring their own supplies and projects or borrow the Library’s needles and yarn. All skill levels are welcome, including beginners who are interested in learning. Be sure to check out our collection of books on knitting and crochet while you’re here!
Researchers' Dialogue: A Sneak Peek at Research in Qatar
In this casual three-hour structured discussion, professors, researchers and students will engage in a dialogue to exchange and share their experiences with doing research in Qatar.
Young Adults Crafts
Young Adults' Area
Unleash your creativity and make your own distinctive art pieces from a variety of different materials.
Counting Buttons with Pete The Cat
Children's Library
Groovy buttons, colorful buttons, big buttons, small buttons—children go crazy for buttons! In this activity, children will learn mathematic operations through singing and playing. They will add and subtract with Pete the Cat and his four groovy buttons. Join us to help your child solve problems in a fun and educational way.