Sensory Room


sensory room


The Sensory Room is specially designed to combine a range of stimuli for children and adults with special needs. It can help those who have learning difficulties, developmental disabilities or sensory impairments learn to interact with the world around them in a safe environment, building their confidence and ability. 

The Sensory Room is also available for children from birth up to a maximum age of three years to develop and engage their senses. Parents or carers should stay with users of the room at all times.

The Sensory Room combines a wide range of sensory devices and toys. These include:

  • The Bubble Column that can be used for visual stimulation, learning about cause and effect, color sequencing, color matching, or counting. It has fiber optics attached for relaxation, movement, visual tracking and tactile work.
  • A projector that is used to display images around the room.
  • The Interactive Infinity Panel, which uses LED lights to create a stunning visual effect that will engage the child.
  • A wide variety of sensory toys, as well as a selection of books for quiet reading.


Sensory Room FAQs 


Why is the sensory room only available on Sundays and Tuesdays?

The sensory room is currently available only on Sundays and Tuesdays due to capacity constraints and the limited number of staff available to oversee and assist with the sessions. As we continue to assess the demand, we aim to increase the number of slots to accommodate more individuals. 

What strategies can I use to maximize the benefits of a Sensory Room visit for my child?

To maximize the benefits for your child, consider the following strategies: understand your child's needs, plan ahead of your visit, offer choice and control, observe and engage, use a structured approach, incorporate sensory breaks, and extend the experience beyond the sensory room. It is important to tailor these strategies to your child's specific needs and seek guidance from professionals when needed.

Who can use the sensory room?

The sensory room is open to Library members of all ages who may benefit from a sensory-friendly environment. This includes individuals with autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorders, as well as toddlers up to 3 years old.

Library membership is free to all. Click here to become a member.

How can I access the sensory room?

To book the sensory room, Click here.

The time slot for using the sensory room is too short.

We believe that limiting the time for using the sensory room can be beneficial for children to prevent sensory overload. By keeping the sessions short and structured, children can engage in sensory activities in a controlled manner, allowing them to experience the benefits of sensory stimulation without becoming overwhelmed. This approach helps children regulate their sensory input effectively and promotes a positive and manageable sensory experience for them.

Can I reserve the sensory room in advance?

Yes, it is recommended that you book the sensory room in advance to guarantee availability. Click here to reserve the room.

What equipment and features are available in the sensory room?

The sensory room is equipped with various sensory tools and features, such as soft lighting, comfortable seating, tactile objects, visual projections, and interactive sensory panels. The other sensory items may vary depending on the Library's resources. 

Can I bring my own sensory items into the room?

In most cases, you are welcome to bring your own sensory items into the room, as long as they are used under your responsibility. Please consult with Library staff beforehand to ensure compliance with any guidelines or restrictions.

Can I use the sensory room for group activities sessions?

The sensory room at the Library can be used for small group activities. However, it's important to note that the Library is a nonprofit organization, and the use of the Library’s facilities for profit is not allowed. 

Is there any cost associated with using the sensory room?

The sensory room is available for free to Library members. However, there may be fees for any loss or damage to items and equipment inside the room.