Teen area
Use colored wool and fabrics to create different designs.
The Life Engineer
Join us in a new and different experience that will help you learn important values and gain multiple skills that young people can utilize in their daily life. This workshop will be conducted by the talented trainer Salah Al Yafaei.
Environment, Sustainability and SDG- Role of Public Libraries
Media Viewing Room
This is a group discussion with the public on exploring the role of public libraries in facilitating environmental-related SDGs in Qatar.
Bedtime Story
Children's Library
Join us in your pajamas for a night at the library and a bedtime story!
Research Collaboration Tools
Computer Lab-1
This workshop series will introduce a new Research Collaboration Tool at a time. This session will focus on Rayyan Systematic Review tool, a free online platform that can be used for independent screening and coding of studies in  systematic reviews
How to Spot Fake News
Innovation Station - 1
Rumors, fake news, false images and fabricated videos are widely spread on social media and websites in recent years. Learn how to check the authenticity of the news and images spread on WhatsApp groups, Facebook and others. In addition to the techniques of image analysis and investigation.
Introduction to the Music Studio
Innovation Station - 2
Do you play an instrument and would like to record a song? Do you love karaoke and look for a place to sing with your friends? Would you like to try out different instruments or music production software?
Teen Advisory Group (TAG)
Teen Area
Do you have the passion to help the community, develop leadership skills and interact with other teens at QNL? So what are you waiting for, join us in the fourth session of TAG and become a member!
How to Build Your Gaming PC
Computer Lab-1
This workshop will present some of the ways and suggestions on how to assemble your ultimate gaming PC and how to choose the best components and hardware. Also, it will engage participants to share their own ideas and recommendations.
Silent Book Club
Open Lounge Terrace
Can’t find time to read? Grab a book - or select one we provide - and come to our Silent Book Club. Unlike a regular book club where everyone reads the same book, participants at this event will gather to read books of their choosing.