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The ORCID ID is a code that uniquely identifies scientific and other academic authors and contributors.
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Landing page is the page on the publisher’s website that represents the publication. The DOI URL is the full DOI, e.g. .
Funding Information
Is the publication a result of a Qatar-based research grant?
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Terms of Service
By submitting this form and in consideration of the obligations undertaken by Qatar National Library, you agree to the following:
  • You certify that the information in the application is correct.
  • You certify that you are the corresponding author of the publication.
  • You certify that the corresponding author’s affiliation with Qatar is clear in the article.
  • You confirm that all other sources of funding have been exhausted, and the amount requested from the Open Access Fund cannot be covered by an alternative source such as a grant.
  • You agree to provide a copy of the final article for inclusion in the QNL digital repository.
  • You agree to have details of this funded publication on the QNL website and platforms
  • You agree to request the publisher to add an acknowledgement statement indicating that QNL have funded the publication.
  • If the publisher offers a choice of open access licenses, you agree to choose Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) and no other variant.
  • You agree to notify the Library immediately when the publication is published online.
  • You agree to have personal data submitted in this application to be used by QNL to provide you with relevant advertising for QNL services and products and for statistical analysis that helps QNL to improve its service.
  • You acknowledge that the library reserves the right to reject an application.