Creative Writing Program at Qatar National Library Inspires Promising Arabic Writers

Creative Writing Program

Qatar National Library recently concluded its series of Arabic creative writing workshops, which were organized in collaboration with Radhi Al-Hajri, founder of Zekreet Publishing and Distribution. The final workshop in the series was held on 7 September.

Numerous writers benefitted from the workshops, which aimed to mentor aspiring Arabic authors in the use of different creative writing techniques to craft compelling stories. It was an opportunity for participants to hone their craft alongside experienced writers and refine one of their creative projects.

Ghid Al Ghareb, an Arabic teacher, who attended the event, said: “I enrolled in this course to learn how to creatively structure my ideas into a novel or any other text. The instructor was very helpful and positive, and I look forward to participating in another such program at the Library in the future.”

Another participant, Hasan Abdurrahman, dentist, said: “This workshop gave us extensive knowledge about how to create a novel and write articles. What I found most advantageous about this workshop was that we practiced a lot of writing, including developing some short stories.”