His Excellency Sheikh Mohamed Al Thani to Deliver Lecture on Qatar’s Founder at Qatar National Library

5 December 2018
Discussion will include review of Mr. Al Thani’s book, Jassim the Leader: Founder of Qatar

His Excellency Sheikh Mohamed Al Thani, author of the book Jassim the Leader: Founder of Qatar, will deliver a lecture at Qatar National Library on 7 December. He will highlight the vision of Qatar’s founder, Sheikh Jassim Al Thani, and his legacy in driving Qatar’s economic, social and cultural development.

Entitled, ‘The Vision of the Leader: Founder of Qatar,’ the lecture will outline the qualitative shift of the State of Qatar, and discuss how the founder’s legacy is paving the way for the nation’s remarkable transition into a knowledge-based economy.

"It is important for the people of Qatar to reflect on the vision of their forefathers, and how those efforts are now fueling the country’s economic prosperity," said Amani Saleh Alyafei, Head of Science at Qatar National Library. "We are proud to host Sheikh Mohamed to help us understand our founder’s vision and legacy, on the occasion of the National Day."

"It has been always a pleasure for me to read and write about Sheikh Jassim’s vision and legacy. I thank Qatar National Library for taking such high interest in our founder’s history and achievements in this critical time of our nation," said Sheikh Mohamed A. Al Thani

The lecture is part of the Library’s month-long celebration of Qatar National Day, and will take place from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM.