The events were organized in collaboration with the Qatari Society of Al Gannas

Importance of Falconry in Qatari Culture Highlighted at Qatar National Library

4 December 2018

Visitors at Qatar National Library participated in a lecture and a workshop focusing on the history of falconry and its significance in Qatari culture. Participants learned about the relationship between falcons and their trainers in a lecture on 2 December. The workshop, which took place today, highlighted how falcons are prepared for racing and hunting, and also featured a telwah, or hunting demonstration, outside the Library.

‘The National Day gives us a chance to learn new aspects of Qatari culture. The story and the history of falconry in Qatar is inspiring, and the lecture was really informative. Training falcons takes time and patience, and the rewards are amazing too,’ said Harish Bujery, an attendee at the lecture.

Falconry is a vital component of Qatar’s rich heritage, and training falcons for racing and hunting has been a popular hobby across generations. Held in collaboration with the Qatari Society of Al Gannas, the events were part of the Library’s celebration of Qatar National Day.

Another attendee, Whitney Timp, who is a new resident of Qatar, said: ‘I am thankful to the Library for organzing unique events. Visiting the Library and taking part in the events made my transition to the country easier. The lecture today was entertaining, and we learned a lot about falcons. I will tell my friends about our experience, and we look forward to the upcoming events here.’