Qatar National Library to Kickstart New Year with Inaugural Forum on History Education

1 January 2024

Qatar National Library is kicking off the new year with the first of its kind event to touch on Qatari history education.

Dubbed the “Inaugural Forum for Teaching and Learning Qatari History,” the two-day event will open up new avenues of discussion on the various aspects of educating people on Qatari history and heritage from a scientific perspective.

The Forum, which takes place on 30 and 31 January and brings together academics and experts along with representatives from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, will also discuss QNL’s collaboration efforts with diverse national cultural institutions in this regard.

The Forum will cap a series of events that QNL has planned for the month starting with a workshop on 6 January “How We Can Manage Daily Conflicts”. The workshop will highlight the importance of understanding conflicts, their causes and the best approach to ensure successful relationships.

On 14 January, the focus will turn to the fight against the illicit trafficking of cultural property with a webinar by the Library’s Himaya project under the theme "Addressing Looting Through Digitization".

The webinar, held by the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) PAC Regional Centre at QNL, will discuss the importance of digitization in protecting cultural property with a focus on the Turathi project, a web-based tool used by law enforcement to identify vulnerable cultural goods at high risk for looting and trafficking.

The webinar will bring together Peter Herdrich, the co-founder of the Antiquities Coalition in the U. S., and Helena Arose, the Coalition’s director of programs, along with Abir Chorfa, the Program Manager that supervised the implementation of the Turathi project in Algeria.

On 18 January, the Library’s members can explore QNL’s online platform, Britannica Education, to learn how digital solutions can empower educators and help learners develop their research skills. To ensure you get the maximum benefit from this session, have your Library membership details with you. If you're not a member yet, register easily for free via the Library’s website.

On 20 January, multimedia enthusiasts will have the opportunity to explore the world of smartphone videography with a focus on capturing the beauty of QNL’s book collections and stunning architecture. Participants will learn how to create professional, attention-grabbing videos for social media platforms.

The “Mommy-to-Be Speaker Series” returns on January 28, with a focus on Montessori education. Enas Al Hadidi, an educator for positive discipline and a Montessori instructor, will discuss the importance of the second year in toddlers' life, and how parents and caregivers can prepare the environment to support children.

The Library encourages all members of the community to mark their calendars for these enriching events. For more information on the full program calendar and to register to attend, please visit the Library’s website at or the QNL mobile app, which is free and available to download from the App Store or from Google Play.