Qatar National Library Offers Fitness Advice for People with Disabilities

17 February 2019
Fitness Advice for People with Disabilities

Wheelchair users attended an intensive Zumba session at Qatar National Library, led by Nawaal Akram, an inspirational Qatari model. The fitness exercise was one of the Library’s events organized in celebration of National Sports Day. 

Nawaal shared useful tips with participants on how to stay fit, set realistic fitness goals and use the variety of social activities taking place in Qatar as an opportunity to get to know new people.    

“Zumba is a perfect exercise for wheelchair users to maintain their fitness, and it has been beneficial for me over the years. I am happy that the Library is helping people adopt a healthier lifestyle,” said Nawaal.  “The Library brings unlimited possibilities for the people of Qatar, especially for those with disabilities. I encourage everyone in the society to visit the Library more often and use the facilities, attend one of the events and meet new people.”

“I am happy to see that the Library is organizing an inclusive event. I would like to see more people with disabilities develop programs for each other. The Library has incredible facilities, and a dedicated assistive technology librarian to help people with disabilities,” commented Dr. Lisa Thornton, Division Chief of Paediatric Rehabilitation Medicine at Sidra Medicine, who attended the event. “It is wonderful that this beautiful space has opened its doors. This Library is designed in a way that celebrates the inclusion of everybody.”

“It is important for the people to know more about the potentials of people with disabilities and how much they can contribute to the society. I am happy that the Library is organizing such events,” said Abeer, a personal trainer and nutritionist.