Library’s successful repatriation of Azure services to the Microsoft Cloud Data Center Region in Qatar will benefit patrons with cutting-edge digital services

Qatar National Library Partners with Microsoft to Enhance Technological Capabilities

20 December 2023

Marking a milestone in further enhancing its digital offerings, Qatar National Library has collaborated with Microsoft to migrate to its hyperscale Cloud Data Center Region in Qatar.

The migration signals the successful completion of the Library’s groundbreaking project to repatriate its Azure environment – Microsoft’s cloud computing platform – from Microsoft’s West Europe Region to its Qatar Central Region. This strategic move strengthens the Library’s technological capabilities whilst offering a myriad of benefits to the organization and its valued patrons.

One of the most significant outcomes of repatriation to the Microsoft Cloud Data Center, the first in the country, is a remarkable reduction in latency, down from 120 milliseconds to an impressive five milliseconds. This dramatic decrease significantly enhances the responsiveness and performance of the Library’s website and core business applications, providing users with a seamless and faster digital experience.

The new setup further solidifies the Library’s commitment to ensuring the robustness and continuity of services. Azure implementation across three availability zones – or isolated data centers –  in Qatar offers unparalleled redundancy and high-availability for critical applications and workloads. This ensures the Library’s services are resilient and uninterrupted during unforeseen challenges or local disruptions.

As part of the repatriation project, the Library has also planned for a disaster recovery site to be located outside the country. The additional protective measure strengthens the Library’s data and applications against any potential failures, offering peace of mind to both the organization and its patrons.

“We are thrilled with the successful repatriation of our Azure environment to Qatar,” said Nasser S. Al-Ansari, Director of IT Operations and Infrastructure at Qatar National Library. “This milestone achievement is a testament to the Library’s commitment to providing cutting-edge services to our community. The reduction in latency and improved availability not only enhance our core operations but also reaffirm our position as a modern library that embraces digital advancements.”

Commenting on the announcement, Waqar Aziz, Customer Success Unit Lead for Qatar, Microsoft, said: “Qatar National Library pioneered the adoption of Microsoft Azure Cloud in Qatar for digital transformation and innovation. QNL's repatriation to Microsoft Cloud region in Qatar will notably enhance the application experience for end users and bolster its business resilience, scalability, and agility through a multi-region approach.”

In bringing the data center closer to home, the Library has aligned itself with the country’s national vision to foster innovation and support digital transformation. The repatriation project represents a strategic investment in the country’s growing technological landscape and reinforces the Library’s position as a pioneering institution in the region.