Qatar Reads Hosts ‘Mommy to Be Festival’ to Offer Valuable Support and Resources for Expectant and New Parents

10 March 2023
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Qatar Reads invites all parents to join the ‘Mommy to Be Festival,’ taking place from 15 – 18 March from 4:30 to 8:30 pm at the Ceremonial Court in Education City. The festival aims to bring mothers and fathers together to exchange experiences, learn from others and celebrate the journey of parenthood.  

The event will feature a range of professionals in fields such as gynecology, mental health, nutrition, and reading, allowing mothers to engage with them and find support and products that will assist them throughout their motherhood journey. These ‘Meet the Professionals’ hubs provide visitors with an opportunity to speak directly with experts in their respective fields. The ‘Mommy Market’ will also showcase various products and services designed to support families and their newborns.

Additionally, the event will feature talks from experts in perinatal health, obstetrics, and baby care, providing mothers with the opportunity to gain knowledge and insight from these professionals. Qatar National Library will also be taking part in the festival with reading activities for children and parents.

Fatema Al Malki, Qatar Reads Project Manager, said: “This year, we have hosted the second edition of the ‘Mommy to Be Festival’ and have expanded it to include fathers and children.

“Everyone is encouraged to attend and find something that adds value to their family journey, whether it be listening to the curated talks or having one-on-one consultations with our five areas of knowledge: gynecology, reading, mental health, nutrition, and pediatrics. Our mini marketplace also has everything from books to self-care products and children’s toys and crafts.”  

Sara Al Fardan, Head of Communications and PR at Alfardan Group, said, “They say it takes a village to raise a child, but how do you make sure your village is properly equipped? The ‘Mommy to Be Festival’ brings together all the resources, community members and professional individuals that you need. As a mother who has subscribed to the Mommy to Be reading program, I believe that reading is the best supplement to parenthood. We also engaged with Qatar Reads’ Mommy to Be Program at Nest, as we firmly believe in creating the right environment for knowledge exchange and community. Nest is a new concept in the workspace, located in Alfardan Towers, which has been using its event venue to host the ‘All Things Motherhood’ series with the third session being announced soon.”

The “Qatar Reads” initiative focuses on making reading an essential part of the community’s daily activities in Qatar, and an effective tool for spreading knowledge, instilling values, encouraging analytical thinking and promoting social development. The project offers a variety of ways in which families, youth and various segments of society can interact with the world of reading.

The ‘Mommy to Be’ event is free and open to all parents. To learn more about the event and Qatar Reads’ ‘Mommy to Be Program’, visit