Weekly Sensory Play Camps at Qatar National Library Open to Children and Parents

Weekly Sensory Play Camps

Qatar National Library presented a 3-day sensory play camp program for toddlers, children with special needs and their parents. The program kicked off at the Children’s Library on 9 July and was designed for children with difficulties in sensory processing and motor coordination, as well as toddlers up to the age of three to help with their sensory development milestones.

Using sensory integration principles, the program was intended to help children and parents learn strategies to meet daily sensory needs. The activities were designed to improve fine motor and gross motor skills, while also teach children how to participate as part of a group. The camp also kept the youngsters and their parents engaged with a program of activities, games and crafts that incorporated new textures, materials, colors, smells, and sounds to stimulate all the senses.

Lauren, an attendee at the event who has recently moved to Qatar, said: “This is my first visit to the Library, and it’s really wonderful to see a variety of activities available for my children and to be able to mingle with other attendees. I feel really welcomed here, the ambiance is amazing, and we will continue to make full use of the Library.”

Another participant, Sanaa Sayegh, said: “This is my second time attending an event here at the Library. These events give my children a chance to network with other members of the community and help them develop important social skills. I am happy to see that the Children’s Library is organizing very interesting programs for the young ones to read, socialize and learn.”