Young Adults Have Fun with Robotics and Coding at Qatar National Library

Young Adults Have Fun with Robotics and Coding at Qatar National Library

Young adults ages 10 to 17 enjoyed an interactive session of Fun Robotics at Qatar National Library on 5 October.
A hands-on introduction to robotics, the Internet of Things, and coding let enthusiastic participants do robotic coding with the aid of drag-and-drop functionality. After this brief introduction, the group solved a daily life issue using robotics. 

The program is designed to enable young students to eventually address other real-time problems using the same strategy, applying collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and complex problem-solving.  

A participant at the workshop, Sanad Joudeh, a robotics enthusiast who regularly attends competitions in Qatar and the region, said: “This event is brilliant. It introduces new concepts in robotics and provides incredible learning materials to participants. The world of robotics is advancing very quickly, so it is always valuable to learn something new about this field. I have been practicing coding and robotics for the last two years, and I’m thankful to have been part of a major robotics competition that brought the first cup to Jordan.”

Sessions continue every Saturday throughout October. As the course progresses, the level of problems identified and the complexity of programming used to solve them will increase. A mini-challenge day will be held in November, when participants will exhibit their creations.

Zakariya Muhamed, who also took part, said: “I am happy that the Library is organizing informative events for youth, and especially for those with an interest in computer science and information technology. Robotics teaches students how to solve complex problems and work together with other students. The lecture today helped me understand the different types of robot sensors and how they function.”