Online Arabic Reading Competition for Children


Qatar National Library, in collaboration with Little Thinking Minds, is pleased to announce the first online reading competition through the I Read Arabic program

Language: Arabic

Age group: Children ages 5 - 12 

Registration ended on 28 March 2020. 

The competition runs from 31 March through 23 April 2020

The winners will be announced through the Library’s website between 28 - 29 April 2020.

 Steps for the competition:

  1. Those who have registered will receive a registration email that will include their login information with the website where they can download the application. See the user guide here.
  2. Participating children will need to finish all tasks for the 25 books in their level, then read 10 books from the next level, to be qualified to win.
  3. When a participant finishes reading 35 books, he or she can continue using the "I Read Arabic" platform to read more books for education and fun until the competition ends on 23 April 2020.
  4. The first 100 contestants who complete all tasks will be awarded a prize, in addition to gaining access to the "I Read Arabic" platform, with all its features, for a full year.

Even if you don't register for the competition, you can still access I Read Arabic with your Library membership through our Online Resources.

Qatar National Library provides a group of other online resources for children that includes electronic books, educational games, articles and many rich resources you can benefit from through obtaining your online membership here

 For any questions or inquiries regarding the competition, contact the I Read Arabic team on 00962799555642 or 00962796844625 or [email protected]

 For any questions about how to obtain your Library membership online, please contact [email protected]