Self Service - Copy, Print and Scan

Kindly note that this service is temporarily unavailable. 

copy, print and scan machine

The Library provides a variety of copy, print and scan self-services for its users (members and visitors) through printers throughout the Library. To use the copy and print service, users must purchase a Library printing card. The scanning service is free. 

The Library printing card can be purchased at the User Services Desk for QR 5, QR 10 or QR 25, payable in cash only. These cards are non-reusable and non-refundable.

Visitors can use the print, copy and scan services during the Library’s opening hours. Any comments, suggestions or complaints can be directed to [email protected] or contact the Help Desk at 4454 1300. 


Printer Locations

There are 10 public printers located in the Library: 

  • Two printers located on the first floor, opposite the User Services Desk
  • One printer on Tier 1 at the top level 
  • Two printers on Tier 2 at the top level
  • One printer on Tier 3 at the top level
  • Two printers on the bridge area 
  • One printer by the study carrels in the Quiet Zone, located on the first floor behind Tier 1 
  • One printer in the Heritage Library study area


Black and White  A4 A3
Print and copy one side 0.25 0.50
Print and copy two sides 0.50 1.00
Color A4 A3
Print and copy one side 1.00 1.50
Print and copy two sides 1.50 2.00
Scan Free Free

How to Print

  • When you go to collect your job from the printer, please click on “Alternative Login” and enter the PIN found on your printing card.
  • You can release your documents, which you will find in “Print Jobs”, or copy pages/documents by using the “Make Copy” option only after you login.


Who can use the printing and copying services at the Library?

The Library’s public printers are available to all visitors, whether they are Library members or not. They all operate through a printing card that can be purchased at the User Services Desk.

Can I add money to my printing card?

No, printing cards are for one-time use only and you cannot add money to them.

What happens if I make a mistake? Will I be charged?

Yes. Your card will be charged for every printing job completed. This charge is non-refundable. Therefore, it is your responsibility to preview your work and ensure the correct formatting, orientation and other settings are enabled before sending the document to the printer.

What do I do if the printer or copier doesn't work?

Please call the Help Desk at 4454 1300.

How can I make suggestions on making the system work better?

There are many Ipads located at the User Services Desk and at the Information Desk where you can submit your suggestions or other feedback. You may also send your comments to [email protected] or call the Help Desk at 4454 1300.